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MODULE IV. The Destiny of Man

Within Christianity today there are conflicting views regarding the age to come, the ultimate destiny of both the righteous and the wicked. Most Christians believe the righteous will spend all eternity in heaven and the wicked suffer in agony in the flames of hell for all eternally. However, other Christians believe that the destiny of the righteous is resurrection of the body to immortality and an inheritance on earth when it is restored to its pristine state, and that the wicked will be raised, judged, and eventually destroyed rather than suffering for all eternity. This series seeks to develop the biblical teachings on these topics progressively, starting in the Old Testament.

  1. Introduction

  2. The ORIGINAL Lie

  3. Abraham's Inheritance

  4. Death to the Wicked

  5. Gehenna, the Fire that Incinerates

  6. The END of the Wicked - A Summary

  7. The END of Satan & His Angels

  8. The Perspective of TIME (Part 1)

  9. The Perspective of TIME (Part 2)

  10. What About Heaven?