The LGV is a completely new translation of the New Testament from the Greek with commentary notes. It is intended for the last generation of Christians, those who will face the end-times predicted by the Prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles. The LGV is a study Bible for serious shepherds, Bible teachers, and students. It is a very accurate representation of the Greek text in current English, although sacrificing some readability for the sake of accuracy. It is a work in progress.

LGV Preface | LGV Book Order

Part I. The Jerusalem Assembly:
Gospel of Matthew | 1 Acts (of Peter) | James | Jude

Part II. The Ministry of Peter:
Gospel of Mark | 1 Peter | 2 Peter

Part III. The Ministry of Paul:
Gospel of Luke | 2 Acts (of Paul) | Galatians | 1 Thessalonians | 2 Thessalonians | 1 Corinthians | 2 Corinthians | Romans | Ephesians | Colossians | Philemon* | Philippians | Hebrews | Titus | 1 Timothy | 2 Timothy

Part IV. Ministry of John:
Gospel of John | 1 John | 2 John | 3 John | Revelation


* "Philemon" is the letter of Paul to Laodicea mentioned in Colossians 4:16

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