The LGV is a completely new translation of the New Testament from the Greek, with commentary notes, intended for the last generation of Christians who will face the end-times predicted by the Prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles. It is a very accurate representation of the Greek text in current English, although sacrificing some readability for the sake of accuracy. The more rigid style is best for those who wish to do in depth study. It is a work in progress.

LGV Preface | Appendices

Historical Books:
Matthew | Mark | Luke | John | Acts

General Letters
James | 1 Peter | 2 Peter | 1 John | 2 John | 3 John | Jude

Letters of Paul
Romans | 1 Corinthians | 2 Corinthians | Galatians | Ephesians | Philippians | Colossians | 1_Thessalonians | 2_Thessalonians | Hebrews | 1_Timothy | 2_Timothy | Titus | Philemon

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