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MODULE XII. Faithful Shepherds

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As we are rapidly heading into the end-times, there is a pressing need for faithful "shepherds," men who are equipped and ready to faithfully lead God's people to follow His Word alone in every area of life against the wisdom of this world, to demonstrate successfully how to walk by faith and not by sight, and to teach and demonstrate integrity and humble obedience even in the face of open hostility, men who are "Kingdom Minded" and willing to live by Kingdom standards now regardless of the cost.
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  1. A Call for Kingdom-minded Shepherds

  2. A Common Faith and a Common Hope

  3. For We fly by IFR not by VFR

  4. Adam & Eve? Or Abraham & Sarah?

  5. Egypt? Or under the Pillar of Cloud & Fire?

  6. Following in the Footsteps of Joshua

  7. Following the Steps of David

  8. Following the Steps of Wisdom, Son of God

  9. Following the Steps of Jesus, Son of Man

  10. Following the Steps of the Apostles

  11. Those led by God's Breath are the Sons of God